Monday, 26 February 2007

Sunday, 25 February 2007


Waldo described it as an anagram of carp, and as he was hare, who would we be to disagree. It was a day of celebrations, 2 young ladies, Zared and Mylene coming of age, and and even younger girl Kanger-Dallas celebrating her 100th, Down Downs, Happy Birthdays and all.
Fast Eddie, like an elephant, has an endless memory and on an evening that turned chilly got a some year old revenge. The Bailey's finished, it was goodnight to another good night


Friday, 23 February 2007

HASH BASH - Thanks

Full report later (when we've remembered/been reminded)

Hash Curry was fabulous thanks to the lovely Bubbles and her glamourous assistant Karen.

Thanks to Hash Quench for the important things.

Hash Awards for 2006:
Hariest Hasher: Mr Sea Weed
without whom we wouldn't have a trail (eh? what? we often didn't anyway?)
Special Award: Second Hariest Hasher: Mr Waldo Klipe commendable contribtion froma non-runner
Wettest Hasher: Monsieur Clousseau averaging two buckets a month!!
"Navigator Award": To Pippin for her unstinting efforts, HashCash, HaberDash, Trophies and always being there - (but NEVER finding her way there unaided)
Special Award: The Clousseau/Kanger 3. Thanks for the tremendous work, leadership, dedication, tolerance over the last two years as HashMaster. Very much appreciated.
Hash Mash award: Shared by all who kindly fed us this year: FlyMo, Mme Klipe, Pippin, Zared, Clousseau, Sea Weed, Bubbles AND EVERYONE I haven't mentioned too.

Thanks especially to the above, and as well for everyone for turning up last night and keeping up the genial friendly fun nature of the Dukhan Hash family.



A very warm welcome back to FlyMo, and, completing his first run in months, a typically streamlined Fast Ed.
What was amazing. The first over-18 first in for some time! There were no under-18s with us tonight. All regular hashers so all those false trails in the obvious places will have to wait for next time. Mr Weed hasn't quite yet worked out which way round his trousers go. Several variations were tried during the course of the run. Eddie came back covered in mysterious handprints on his generous zones - culprit remains unidentified. Waldo's bright shorts of Lent distracted us all.
We had a big rules dispute when several hashers spat the dummy because they couldn't find the On In straight away. We think Danny and the Coach were with us but they had their own senses of direction.
Like the good old days we stood in the one circle, anjoying the craic and the weather well beyond regular time down by the east coast until it was time go for the hash curry and bash.
There was something hilarious and something clever that I had to write. Hope I remember them...

Sunday, 18 February 2007


Remarkably calm a hash tonight. Lovely to welcome Veronica. Good to see Francesca back too. Down by the golf course and the sea and the land was flat and the sun was cool and the wind was still and all was calm and flat and still and beautiful.
As becomes the Coach, the route was well marked, the ground runnable although the run was somewhat of a saunter, no falsies, but none needed as all trails were sneakily conceived. On On Hare.
Of course a Milne ..or two...was in first, again, ...and Potter who, with Danny and Ruben proved in tridem they HAVE been practising the 'winning' toast. Legolas seems to have lost interest content to let his brothers play catch up. We are pleased to hear Sandra is happily back in Abderdeen where the weather is as sensational as ours.
To avoid Darren getting bucketted for the umpteenth consecutive time, he spied and caught Razzer cocking her leg in a dangerous manner, Danny thugging and Potter twice overtaking the spy. So, they, with Weedy for vengeful retribution were wetted.
And after that, only Alfie seemed to have any life left in him.....
see you all on Thursday?
On On

Monday, 12 February 2007


*************NEXT WEEK 4 pm START*************

There was much controversy tonight over how well-marked Mr Weed had laid the trail. Razzer was impressed, but the Coach not at all. I think that's because he thought he was clever following footprints back to the car only to have to come all the way back for the ON IN (and one of the longest on ins in memory - for which Weedy blamed the fog ). However, as Coach was spy, it was his opinion that counted and the Hare got wet. Me, I think we've cracked it: let Sea Weed set the hash, leave a couple of weeks to mature and come back to it. That's two 'found' hashes in a row using that system!

Otherwise, of course the Milnes couldn't be kept out of the limelight. How Glaiket managed to avoid the bucket for her pantomime melodramatics? And then Danny, not wanting to be usurped by Legolas (who was being distracted by the lovely Tesni) , came in first. We'll have to cobble them from now on.

Lastly. An ettiquetic reminder. a) When calling the next trail, just check that (at least most of)the rest of the hash have checked in b) When setting off on the next next trail, make sure those behind know where the check in is. The Milne boys will still beat you anyway!

*************NEXT WEEK 4 pm START*************

Sunday, 4 February 2007


Fab Fab Fab - Pippin and Zared cooked up a curry or two and the pan was licked clean so good they did us. Well worth being let off the bucket for getting completely lost EVEN WHEN FOLLOWING the Hash Convoy!!!
The desert was green. Yes green. Weedy was looking for fuggers, don't think he saw any. Andie and Clousseau set long trails in the much commented on scenic environs of Arab D. (?) Danny got his revenge...on the ladies and children (Razzer hotly disputed the name lady, but Gill was shocked by the novelty and accepted the title). Legolas came in first yet again, I think he was showing off in front of the very welcome newcomer, Sandra.
The weather's super, the food was fab, the company outstanding...where were the rest of you!