Sunday, 18 February 2007


Remarkably calm a hash tonight. Lovely to welcome Veronica. Good to see Francesca back too. Down by the golf course and the sea and the land was flat and the sun was cool and the wind was still and all was calm and flat and still and beautiful.
As becomes the Coach, the route was well marked, the ground runnable although the run was somewhat of a saunter, no falsies, but none needed as all trails were sneakily conceived. On On Hare.
Of course a Milne ..or two...was in first, again, ...and Potter who, with Danny and Ruben proved in tridem they HAVE been practising the 'winning' toast. Legolas seems to have lost interest content to let his brothers play catch up. We are pleased to hear Sandra is happily back in Abderdeen where the weather is as sensational as ours.
To avoid Darren getting bucketted for the umpteenth consecutive time, he spied and caught Razzer cocking her leg in a dangerous manner, Danny thugging and Potter twice overtaking the spy. So, they, with Weedy for vengeful retribution were wetted.
And after that, only Alfie seemed to have any life left in him.....
see you all on Thursday?
On On

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