Sunday, 4 February 2007


Fab Fab Fab - Pippin and Zared cooked up a curry or two and the pan was licked clean so good they did us. Well worth being let off the bucket for getting completely lost EVEN WHEN FOLLOWING the Hash Convoy!!!
The desert was green. Yes green. Weedy was looking for fuggers, don't think he saw any. Andie and Clousseau set long trails in the much commented on scenic environs of Arab D. (?) Danny got his revenge...on the ladies and children (Razzer hotly disputed the name lady, but Gill was shocked by the novelty and accepted the title). Legolas came in first yet again, I think he was showing off in front of the very welcome newcomer, Sandra.
The weather's super, the food was fab, the company outstanding...where were the rest of you!


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