Friday, 23 February 2007


A very warm welcome back to FlyMo, and, completing his first run in months, a typically streamlined Fast Ed.
What was amazing. The first over-18 first in for some time! There were no under-18s with us tonight. All regular hashers so all those false trails in the obvious places will have to wait for next time. Mr Weed hasn't quite yet worked out which way round his trousers go. Several variations were tried during the course of the run. Eddie came back covered in mysterious handprints on his generous zones - culprit remains unidentified. Waldo's bright shorts of Lent distracted us all.
We had a big rules dispute when several hashers spat the dummy because they couldn't find the On In straight away. We think Danny and the Coach were with us but they had their own senses of direction.
Like the good old days we stood in the one circle, anjoying the craic and the weather well beyond regular time down by the east coast until it was time go for the hash curry and bash.
There was something hilarious and something clever that I had to write. Hope I remember them...

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