Friday, 23 February 2007

HASH BASH - Thanks

Full report later (when we've remembered/been reminded)

Hash Curry was fabulous thanks to the lovely Bubbles and her glamourous assistant Karen.

Thanks to Hash Quench for the important things.

Hash Awards for 2006:
Hariest Hasher: Mr Sea Weed
without whom we wouldn't have a trail (eh? what? we often didn't anyway?)
Special Award: Second Hariest Hasher: Mr Waldo Klipe commendable contribtion froma non-runner
Wettest Hasher: Monsieur Clousseau averaging two buckets a month!!
"Navigator Award": To Pippin for her unstinting efforts, HashCash, HaberDash, Trophies and always being there - (but NEVER finding her way there unaided)
Special Award: The Clousseau/Kanger 3. Thanks for the tremendous work, leadership, dedication, tolerance over the last two years as HashMaster. Very much appreciated.
Hash Mash award: Shared by all who kindly fed us this year: FlyMo, Mme Klipe, Pippin, Zared, Clousseau, Sea Weed, Bubbles AND EVERYONE I haven't mentioned too.

Thanks especially to the above, and as well for everyone for turning up last night and keeping up the genial friendly fun nature of the Dukhan Hash family.


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