Monday, 12 February 2007


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There was much controversy tonight over how well-marked Mr Weed had laid the trail. Razzer was impressed, but the Coach not at all. I think that's because he thought he was clever following footprints back to the car only to have to come all the way back for the ON IN (and one of the longest on ins in memory - for which Weedy blamed the fog ). However, as Coach was spy, it was his opinion that counted and the Hare got wet. Me, I think we've cracked it: let Sea Weed set the hash, leave a couple of weeks to mature and come back to it. That's two 'found' hashes in a row using that system!

Otherwise, of course the Milnes couldn't be kept out of the limelight. How Glaiket managed to avoid the bucket for her pantomime melodramatics? And then Danny, not wanting to be usurped by Legolas (who was being distracted by the lovely Tesni) , came in first. We'll have to cobble them from now on.

Lastly. An ettiquetic reminder. a) When calling the next trail, just check that (at least most of)the rest of the hash have checked in b) When setting off on the next next trail, make sure those behind know where the check in is. The Milne boys will still beat you anyway!

*************NEXT WEEK 4 pm START*************

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