Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Yes, I know

Okay, so I have been a little slow in putting info up on the blog, but hell we have been busy in Dukhan!  Got a hash wedding (well two hashers are getting hitched) this weekend, and then we have the spring hash camp on Thursday 24th March.  Clouseau and Morangie are already salivating at the thought of a sheep roasting on the fire...

More details to follow, if I remember.

On on!

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Run 1238 - Hashmas 2010

Hare:  Morangie and Chad

First In: Mr Rick De Boer

Comments: 'Panty' Hose

Spy: None other than The Coach himself

Location: The secret hashmas site - 25.459879, 50.858095

Running:  Rock, Sand, Jebel and trail

Weather: Pleasantly warm.  Unless you were dressed as Santa...

Somebody needs shooting, or at the very least bucketing, for letting Mr Morangie set one of his epic trails for Hashmas when everyone is dressed in Santa and reindeer costumes.  Will I ever learn.....

Anyway, a long run it may have been, but the weather was perfect, the company sublime and the costumes ridiculous.   It was nice to see a lot of old faces and a number of new ones, and very pleasing to see some of the younger hashers really get into the running (apart from when this 30 something Santa got shown a clean pair of heels by a five year old fairy).  The run, which was won by the ever sprightly Mr De Boer was followed by a seasonal mulled vino and a finger buffet before the bonfire was lit and the carolling began.  It must be said that the enthusiasm was not necessarily matched by talent by more than a few.  Luckily the kazoos were on hand to keep everybody right...

Thanks to all those who turned up, and here's to a safe and relaxing Hashmas for all.  Normal service is resumed next week - Sunday, 3:30pm DGC car park.

On On!

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Run 1238

Hare: Methusela, Pegasus and Dave

First In: Captain Planet

Comments: Morangie

Spy: Ms Anna 'no-longer-welcome-at-the-Cooper's-after-that-bucketing' George

Location: 10 km due North of Dukhan. 25.506377, 50.765430

Running: Rock, soft sand and Jebels.

Weather: Getting colder.  Much colder

A very satisfying trail from some experienced hashers, and a gentle romp home for the Captain for another win.  A good mix of terrain and distances, with maybe a slightly too easily found on in.  Rumours abound that the only reason Master Baker did not take the glory for a third week in a row was that he was not present!

Ms George stepped up as spy for the first time and then demonstrated to all and sundry how power can go to your head as she bucketed a number of friends and colleagues for a variety of misdemeanours, including her adopted mum, Mrs Cooper.  The air turned cooler after that one!

Next week is Hashmas, so all are welcome for mulled drinks and  mince pies.  Admittance is some nibbly things such as snacks, mince pies or sausage rolls.  Leaving same time from the usual place.
On On!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Run 1237

Hare: Ceweed

First In: Master Marcus Baker

Comments: Dorothy

Spy: Ben-Jammin'

Location: 12 km due South of Dukhan. 25.325427,50.777339

Running: Rock, soft sand and Jebels.

Weather: Getting colder

Another pleasant run from that nice Mr Ceweed, with a good mixture of terrain and a much flatter course than last week. Indeed the only complaint from Mr Dorothy was that the On-In was slightly too easy to find! Another storming performance from young Master Baker, who pipped his own dad to the post by a hairs breadth. The run was topped off with a first, probably for any hash, when young Mr Jammin' forgot that he was meant to be spy, which resulted in another first of the spy being bucketed along with the usual crowd of victims.

Little Miss Sophie Roberts was named Little Dipper, but as she is only nine months he dad, Mr Mongrel kindly stepped in to undertake her down-down. Selfless Man that one.

Anyway, plans are afoot for Hashmas which will be on the 12th December and will be fancy dress for the kids. Better get the elf costume dusted off for that one!


Sunday, 21 November 2010

Sunday 21st November 2010

Run Number 1236

Hare: Hot-to-Trot
First In: Master Marcus Baker
Comments: Pegasus
Spy: Methusalah
Location: 7 km due of Dukhan. 25.379063,50.76367
Running: Tracks, soft sand and Jebels.
Weather: Nicely warm

A typical Hot-to-Trot trial combining distance with treacherous climbs.  The on-in was especially tricky, being on top of a rather larger jebel near to where the cars were parked.  Mr H2T deservedly got bucketed for that one.  Aside from that, a delightful run combining highs and lows, soft sand and hard rock, gullys and ridges.  Once he gets over putting the On-In in daft places the genius of H2T could really show through.

On on!

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Sunday 20 June 2010

Run Number 1213 

Hare: GPS and Morangie

First In: Mr Rick De Boer

Comments: Hot-to Trot

Spy: Emo - Again!

Location: Just off the main beach south of DWS.

Running: Tracks, soft sand and more soft sand.

Weather: Getting Hotter!

This was a short run, pretty much in a square.  Pleasant running for the most part although the heat is beginning to drain the batteries quicker than usual.  Mr D (as he is affectionately known by the Year Threes he teaches) was first in with a magnificent sprint of roughly 25 paces from the on-in to the cars.  The run was followed by a slap up BBQ that was held in honour of the two leavers, Jaws and Emo who, coincidently, are the Hare's for their final run next week....  The night also saw three namings - Rosa di Mosa (or some Spanish name) for Ms Ingham, Capt Planet for environmentally aware Mr Knight and Could Have Done Better for Ms Parsons-Gibson.

Run 1214 will be the last before the majority of the staff from the school jump ship for the summer.

On on!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Run Number 1212

Hare: Ceweed

First In: Clouseau

Comments: Ms Disgrace

Spy: Emo!

Location: South of Dukhan.

Running: Road, rock and soft sand.

Weather: Still Bloody Hot!

Mr Weed introduced this run as being Gloria Estafan influenced.  We cannot confirm or deny this, but we do know that he used all his cunning in using T-junctions (take your pick - one is a falsie, the other a trail) to confuse us!  After a discovering the cunningly hidden on-in (right next to the trail we had just completed), Mr Closeau romped home to take another victory.

Next weeks run is the penultimate before the school hols, and so we are having a barbie at the DWS.  All hashers old and new welcome.