Sunday, 14 January 2007


or Curries Beans Flames n Names

Can't keep Legolas (Louis) out of the headlines! I think he's been practising the toast and so HAD to come in first -again - today, I'm surprised he wasn't bucketed for it. Having completed 50 runs he was due his name: suggestions included King of the Swingers, T Rex, but he's so like the girl made of lego, it had to be that [I must check my sources - and spellings - on that one]. He did get the bucket for that at least.
As did Gari Potter whose name just so obviously chose itself, even though mum tried to protect him with Krusti the clown (same trousers if you had to ask)

It was a cold welcome back to the school crowd - Danny, Kate and Darren (they've learnt to tell the time it seems) - together with Squeeky D who complimented Weedy on excelling himself with a scenic, varied, distant, devious, double done and all found trail. Fast Edd made us hot by the fire, and we needed it, while Glaikit and Bubbly heated us with good grub (will the vegetarian who licked the pan clean like to own up?). Thanks you four.

The lovely Hash Mattress had had plenty of down downs before picking up her crystal award for 200 runs - think she was still going from last week. The monogamous Rocky - despite what the cruel Razza says - enjoyed awarding himself a 300th crystal. And thanked the Hash and Pips.


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