Friday, 5 January 2007


On On!

Welcome to 2007. Our first of the year, the 1008th run, will take place on Sunday 7th Jan. Methusela and Pegasus are setting the run, so guaranteed to keep us warm!

Last week, a cold new year's eve run, saw just the few hardy regulars out - a shame as the course was set with some of Dukhan's newer hashers in mind...

Waldo enjoyed a rare first in, and that after all the keener runners had walked over the On In in contempt.
Louis Milne starred as spy - his first time - entertaining us all and punishing brothers Ruben and Danny along with Callum Klipeson - all for legitimate and good reason.
Have fun back in Edinburgh, Callum.

We need to think promptly of a name for Rosa and then Louis and Gari. And we've a few '00ths coming to note.

On On

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