Sunday, 7 January 2007


The Hashers
A lot of festive welcome backs, notably Seaweed, Coach & Firecracker returned from hols. A very warm welcome to Ben and Brian Sullivan - we think Ben enjoyed it, but the red lips caused much speculation - and we'd all like to see 'Cameraman' Brian's film. Well done to Andy for finding and joining us out in the desert wilderness despite our having left her behind - that's dedication.

The Run
On the flatlands between town and beach was of typical Simpson length and quality, which tested the returning coach who barely had the breath left to make his rather too polite comments. Louis Milne starred again, with a first in and clear toast even if there were some crumbs (blame his Mum?).

She's a Hasher Through and Through - So They Say
There were congratulatory Down Downs for three of our ladies. First Pippin gingerly sipped her way to 100 runs, next Glaiket delicately swigged down a cup on her 100th, finally the new Hash Mattress, Bubbly glugged bubblingly for her 200 - and is still glugging we believe.

Klipe (aka Wilhelmina) maintained the feminine tone of the day, and put the new veterans, Pippin and Glaiket along with Andy in the middle - for no obvious good reason - as to be expected. Coach was in there too for kliping just to represent the boys.

BONFIRE AND BEANIES - Don't miss, and tell all your friends!

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