Sunday, 5 December 2010

Run 1238

Hare: Methusela, Pegasus and Dave

First In: Captain Planet

Comments: Morangie

Spy: Ms Anna 'no-longer-welcome-at-the-Cooper's-after-that-bucketing' George

Location: 10 km due North of Dukhan. 25.506377, 50.765430

Running: Rock, soft sand and Jebels.

Weather: Getting colder.  Much colder

A very satisfying trail from some experienced hashers, and a gentle romp home for the Captain for another win.  A good mix of terrain and distances, with maybe a slightly too easily found on in.  Rumours abound that the only reason Master Baker did not take the glory for a third week in a row was that he was not present!

Ms George stepped up as spy for the first time and then demonstrated to all and sundry how power can go to your head as she bucketed a number of friends and colleagues for a variety of misdemeanours, including her adopted mum, Mrs Cooper.  The air turned cooler after that one!

Next week is Hashmas, so all are welcome for mulled drinks and  mince pies.  Admittance is some nibbly things such as snacks, mince pies or sausage rolls.  Leaving same time from the usual place.
On On!

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