Sunday, 12 December 2010

Run 1238 - Hashmas 2010

Hare:  Morangie and Chad

First In: Mr Rick De Boer

Comments: 'Panty' Hose

Spy: None other than The Coach himself

Location: The secret hashmas site - 25.459879, 50.858095

Running:  Rock, Sand, Jebel and trail

Weather: Pleasantly warm.  Unless you were dressed as Santa...

Somebody needs shooting, or at the very least bucketing, for letting Mr Morangie set one of his epic trails for Hashmas when everyone is dressed in Santa and reindeer costumes.  Will I ever learn.....

Anyway, a long run it may have been, but the weather was perfect, the company sublime and the costumes ridiculous.   It was nice to see a lot of old faces and a number of new ones, and very pleasing to see some of the younger hashers really get into the running (apart from when this 30 something Santa got shown a clean pair of heels by a five year old fairy).  The run, which was won by the ever sprightly Mr De Boer was followed by a seasonal mulled vino and a finger buffet before the bonfire was lit and the carolling began.  It must be said that the enthusiasm was not necessarily matched by talent by more than a few.  Luckily the kazoos were on hand to keep everybody right...

Thanks to all those who turned up, and here's to a safe and relaxing Hashmas for all.  Normal service is resumed next week - Sunday, 3:30pm DGC car park.

On On!

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klipe said...

Good to see that the comments are on again. Makes me feel as if I am still involved