Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Sunday 20 June 2010

Run Number 1213 

Hare: GPS and Morangie

First In: Mr Rick De Boer

Comments: Hot-to Trot

Spy: Emo - Again!

Location: Just off the main beach south of DWS.

Running: Tracks, soft sand and more soft sand.

Weather: Getting Hotter!

This was a short run, pretty much in a square.  Pleasant running for the most part although the heat is beginning to drain the batteries quicker than usual.  Mr D (as he is affectionately known by the Year Threes he teaches) was first in with a magnificent sprint of roughly 25 paces from the on-in to the cars.  The run was followed by a slap up BBQ that was held in honour of the two leavers, Jaws and Emo who, coincidently, are the Hare's for their final run next week....  The night also saw three namings - Rosa di Mosa (or some Spanish name) for Ms Ingham, Capt Planet for environmentally aware Mr Knight and Could Have Done Better for Ms Parsons-Gibson.

Run 1214 will be the last before the majority of the staff from the school jump ship for the summer.

On on!

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