Sunday, 13 June 2010

Run Number 1212

Hare: Ceweed

First In: Clouseau

Comments: Ms Disgrace

Spy: Emo!

Location: South of Dukhan.

Running: Road, rock and soft sand.

Weather: Still Bloody Hot!

Mr Weed introduced this run as being Gloria Estafan influenced.  We cannot confirm or deny this, but we do know that he used all his cunning in using T-junctions (take your pick - one is a falsie, the other a trail) to confuse us!  After a discovering the cunningly hidden on-in (right next to the trail we had just completed), Mr Closeau romped home to take another victory.

Next weeks run is the penultimate before the school hols, and so we are having a barbie at the DWS.  All hashers old and new welcome.

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