Sunday, 21 February 2010

1194: Methuselah's revenge

Hot to Trot, Hee-Haw and their soon to be named offspring set a hash near the DRC camp site. Many said that it was a shorter hash than HTT usually sets but most were grateful for the medium scale run. At the end of the first trail was a big mound of quartz crystals which kept Geronimo and Magnus happy for a while. As is the objective while setting the hash, the hashers were spread far and wide while the hares gave no visual clues to the possible direction of the next trail. The second trail was finally found by our illustrious hashmaster VC and we were off across some terrain which did not agree with Rocky's war wounds. He was seen at the end of the second trail performing what was either yoga or some Kate Bush inspired dance move in slow motion. VC was on a roll as Mudra and he walked straight towards the third trail and called it. There was a pleasant jog down the pipeline back towards the cars and then an obvious on-in on a barrel.

First in yet again was Fatboy-Slim. Comments were given by Microphone who thought that the run went in the wrong direction and was too cold. The spy turned out to be Methuselah who bucketed Morangie for poor boat discipline, GPS for bringing a new car to the hash, revenge was taken on Cluseau for taking revenge, Rocky was bucketed for performing a mass bucketing in the recent past and HTT was bucketed for taking too long to point out the second trail.

Magnus Irvine was named 'Trip' due to his frequent disagreements with the force of gravity before the circle dissolved and re-formed into multiple alternating dynamic social groupings.

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