Monday, 4 January 2010

Wheresma on in?

Fran ( Wheresma)and her crew of young jammin and Palm tree took us alongside the site of his nibs's new summer gaffe on the coast.As if by magic the wind dropped and we got stunning conditions for the run. A few of the x-mas holidaymakers made it back and were suitably welcomed.The Hash master was posted missing as his cat was either stuck up a tree or going to be stuck up a tree or something like that, something about scratching the masters favourite slipper? Or was it going to be turned into a slipper?
Anyway to the run. Trail one was led off by young Jammin and closely followed by Dorothy(The space cadet) with the rest of us strung out going up the rocky jebel. Trail 2 had a few of them scratching their heads as they all took off in different directions only for one of the young ones to find it.Up another Jebel to the top this time for the check-in. Trail 3 was found by Morangie and he led us away back down towards the seashore. The on-in was neatly hidden under a rocky crevice and we all made it back safely into the circle. The first in comments were made by young, aptly named Microphone, who very nearly whispered the toast.Hearing aids will be supplied to our elder hashers in the future. Comments were given by In-out and he was truly gracious to the hares. ( The smoth old Canadian Rascal )The spy stepped up and a few of the hashers knew immediately they were about to get a soaking,as it was Cluseau. Well he bucketed Morangie ( he usually does), Meths for complaining about catching fish, Ceweed, Postman Pat and Miss Disgrace for coming back, Rocky for handing his spy duties to Firecracker last week, Jaws and GPS for being noisy in the corner at the toast( I thought we were in a circle) and finally Panty for being himself. We all enjoyed the quench and the beautiful sunset. On On.

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