Monday, 30 November 2009

Hash Mistressed! The Survivor

This is the run that sorts out the real, hard core, hashers from mere regulars and occasionals. A slight nip in the air meant there were few of us indeed. Let's name and, through omission, shame: GPS, Mike, Flipper, Hot Tottie and Stuart's mate Ken, Rocky and the VC. With Chips, Sideshow, Rock and Funks supporting from (warm blankets) on the sidelines.
We've had a few Hash Matresses, but only ever (afaicr) once before was there a Hash Mistress (Pippin). Today, Dolphin ruled Supreme. Mastered the Ceremony. Trumpeted the bugle, and generally kept us in order.
The live runs were just the ticket - the bracing sea breeze and long stretches of soft sand - certainly got rid of the cobwebs. On On the Hares.
And hashers, it's the survivors, who selflessly collect every last remnant of the night before and leave the site as pristine as before. to them we should show our respect. On On the Survivors!

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