Monday, 9 November 2009

Klipe's last run and a Bonfire to go with it.

Yep, after all these years it was down to the last run for Mr Klipe and Madame Klipe. Madame was so emotional she didn't turn up.The leaving of the Hash is always a bit of a tear jerker as you're leaving all your fellow Hashers behind, so you either shed a tear because you're so sad, or in this case because you're so deleriously happy. All the remnants of a lifetime here in Dukhan sold to the unwitting and the Black Hole bar to Mark ( Mongrel ) Roberts. Klipe was hare and we were at the Hashmas site where there have been numerous hashes set. The first trail had us running up the jebel and left us with a view of Zekreet bay and Khatiyah beyond.A double back along the pipeline for trail 2 had everyone foxed and some of our younger ones had to be told where to go as a clue. Trail 3 was another round the jebel and again everyone set off in search of the cunningly hidden on in. Miss Disgrace having been taxied to the hash site had originally missed the turning and shot off to Zekreet village. On the way back her driver had noticed the On-in painted on a road sign. The clueless and the daft ! Louella ran right passed the sign and it was GPS who eventually got in first. The first in toast was given by GPS, comments were given by Jaws and then it was down to the spy.
At the end of last weeks quench Mr Comet had asked Coach if he would be spy and temp master as he would be late in arriving at the bash. The acting Hash master went aganst all the rules and made Klipe the spy. His last chance to be cantankerous and soak a few. Unbeknown to the hash there was Mr Comets original spy waiting to give Klipe a real good soaking. Klipe bucketed a few of the girls for the not wearing hash apparel and a few of the wee ones for being wee.Hamish got bucketed for not wearing a Tee-shirt and his excuse of not being able to buy one that fits was laughed off by our spy.Gallons of water went cascading over the unfortunate to the delight of the rest. Enter the second spy. Jaws and Cluseau were first in the middle and Klipe with Miss disgrace.Sideshow's crew of 5 were also circled as they didn't shut up. Again gallons of water rained down and soaked half the hash. Gregory missed out as he was emptying his pockets before getting wet,his excuse.
The bonfire was lit after we consumed all the cocktails and the quench and tons of food laid out for the hashers bash. Chocolates were given to all the kids as they watched their guys go up in flames. Brilliant night and real good send off to Klipe. On On

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