Sunday, 8 February 2009

1135: VC asked Glaikit for a Double Entendre and.....

This week's hash was set by the Morgan clan with assistance by Marc, Lara and Jesse Roberts. We started the circle a few yards from the beach on a flat plain out the North gate which security helpfully reminded was right next to a gas pipeline. "BEWARE OF ANIMALS AND PIPELINES" they can sometimes be jumped by a white landcruiser but only those with the anti gravity pack fitted.

There were four trails and a few falsies. Nice sandy ground for following hare footprints. It was a good length across some flat terrain and well marked in green.

First in was Morangie and comments were given by Glaiket. She liked the run, saying that it was a bit hard and a good length. A lot of people found this funny for some reason which I failed to understand. Must be some school joke.

Rocky took the opportunity to bucket everybody this week for overtaking. A good a reason as any I suppose.

There was a lovely sunset as we demolished the last of the leftover Cailidh alcohol supplies.

On On until next week.


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