Sunday, 1 February 2009

1134: I Spy an unpopular hasher.

Coach and Firecracker set a devious hash which they knew would not require much movement for them on the big day. The first and second trails formed one big loop out and back to the cars then it was the same in the other direction before finding the On-In on top of a pile of rocks next to the cars. Coach just stood by the cars blowing the horn every now and again and doing an impression of Muttley while we all huffed and puffed around the course. First in was Gump the birthday boy who blessed all of the relevant people.

Son of Rock and Sideshow celebrated milestones and were rewarded with a certificate and a down-down along with Gump the birthday boy.

Then it was on to the Del Canton this week's spy. There was a bit of revenge involved as he had been brutally bucketed by his wife Lisa a couple of weeks ago. Most of the male members of the circle were soaked for overtaking. A bit of an unimaginative reason but it worked all the same.

Most of the hash retired to celebrate a bit more at Gump's place where there was more beer and a bit of food.

On On until next week.


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