Sunday, 11 January 2009

1131: 2*(Dave+Paint) = 3*(Trails+Soft Sand)

It was a rare overcast afternoon as we set off from Dukhan Golf Club. Shafts of sunlight were making thier way through the clouds in a lovely pattern. The hares for the week, Dave Baker and our commander in chief Vomit Comet led us across the bridge towards Arab-D then turned off to the left taking us through some powdery sand which significantly reduced visibility and made driving quite interesting.

There was a huge turnout compared to recent weeks as all of the teachers had made it back to Dukhan envigorated by their festive holidays and ready to impart the gift of knowledge to the little people of the town.

Dave grasped the trumpet firmly and led us off into the desert. The first trail was a gruelling ascent up a sandy slope which saw all but the hardiest hashers walking and wheezing up to the top. Then it was off down a rocky slope and along a pipeline for the second trail. The third was a longer twisty turny one over hard packed rocks and a bit of sand. The on-in was found by Morangie on a hillock near the cars. He gave us all a good chance to catch up to him before sprinting back to the cars but none were able to catch the fleet footed Glen.

Alex commented rather uncharitably on the hare's work this week, compaining about the distance and the terrain. Maybe she should be nominated to set one in the near future.

Pegasus put the fear into all of the little children by making them come into the circle for a bucketing before accidentally spilling all of the water on the ground. A narrow escape for the kids but I am sure one of the teachers will have their revenge soon.

The hashmaster then got around the most important issue of the day, Methusela's 800th run. The Octocentarian accepted his photographic momento and gave us all a rousing speech on the merits of hashing. Everybody enjoyed refreshments and nibbles provided for the occasion. The rain put in a timely appearance just as the last hashers were leaving the site.

See you next week for a Ceweed special hash.

On On!

Hot To Trot.

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