Sunday, 7 December 2008

1126: Khatiyah North Human Racing Circuit

It was a lovely sunny day at the Khatiyah North human racing circuit.  Although the number of humans participating was small, there was a good turnout of camel spectators.  Snacks of bush and shrub were readily available as the camels watched humans of various shapes and sizes run around in circles for aparently no discernable reason.  They went up and down sandy slopes and across large flat plains shouting things like "on-on" and "checking in".  One skinny human in yellow paid little attention to the course and just ran around lots while one four legged racer was more interested in the spectators than the race.

Razamashaz set a nice human hash race which she un-necessarily apologised for at the start.  Nice use of a dual colour course to make it more interesting.  Unconventionally, the hare was also the spy.  She bucketed Cluseau for going on holiday, Hang-About for hanging about and myself for forgetting the hash books.

Good turnout for a holiday period.  On On the harespy, coach the temporary hashmaster and quench.

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