Sunday, 12 October 2008

1117: Rigger Jim & Trotter's dual trail mountain hash.

VC foolishly accepted my offer to set the hash last week. So along with rigger Jim who was eager to set a hash before going away for a month we laid a long hash and a short hash.

We had the best turnout for a long time, with a lot of new teachers and kids. There was a bit of confusion with the first trail as Gary and Cluseau led everyone on to an old trail, but with a little help from the trumpet we found our way again. Then the runners shot off into the distance leaving the middle of the pack to straight-line a very wiggly course. Then it was along the pipes and up a jebel to finish. Glen Morangie was first in and recited the words perfectly. Jaws down-downed a fizzy tiger to celebrate his 50th birthday, spilling most of it on his head.

Penelope pissed up was very happy to stand in as spy and was spoiled for choice of people to bucket. She concentrated mainly on the guys, bucketing VC, myself and Dr. Justice.

Bonfire night hash coming up, probably Thursday the 6th.

On On.

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