Friday, 3 October 2008

1115 Survivor

The morning after the night before.........up at the crack of dawn (except VC that is). The sea was tranquil if our heads weren't, a quick collect of all the rubbish (oh the joy of staying over) and the little ones continued building fires. All clear, The VC emerged and off we went on a live hash fearing the worst (with Jaws, Gump, Rocky, and Josh in the pack of hares). Tony though it was led us a bit of a dance (backwards, sideways, skipping, 'the 2 ronnies'), then Kirsty wasn't easy on us. The Pest's trail though stopped before it even began! Forest enjoyed there being no bucket filling a used food container with grimy ice water from the cool box and delivering a mass bucket. On On!

In the meantime the littlest hashers hadd stolen the breakfast fire from under the hash bed, so, tents down, happy, weary sandy way home.

Remains to say thanks to everyone involved.
Klipe for the wood and location. Katie and Mister Vomit for the run. Clousseau and Bubbley for the BBQ and everyone who did for the food. Meths for the refreshments. The Comet for the rather too biased quiz. Everyone for coming .. and laughing. And to the survivors for leaving the spot spotless as ever.

See you on Bonfire night!

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