Sunday, 25 November 2007

1064: SEAWEED IS 700!!

And Coach/Quench/Hare/Spy set a well marked and well hidden trail typically short but a long way to find....if only we stopped to think it out and/or took those extra few steps....
It was cold today, relatively so. So, we enjoyed a decent warming run and at last didn't fancy the chilly bucket. Not surprisingly Morange got the shivers, joined by Gibbo (the puff!?) and birthday boy S Weed.

700 runs is very impressive (or sad? depends on your perspective) but his down down was less so and a few ale shampoos needed rinsing. Pippin prepared the commemorative photo which sideshow, surprisingly unbucketed, enjoyed presenting.
Poor Penny was not very helped by her Pickly, Bummy, Razzy friends and just about mustered the toast - that'll teach her to come in a blaze of first.
Coach faux pas came when he complimented a couple of our gorgeous ladies on their looks - forgetting to mention all the rest. So I will. Ladies, girls and women of the Dukhan Hash, you are all GORGEOUS! & I Love you all!
Pippins comments were polite and distracted, obviously too much talking on the way round.
And finally, Rocky opened his car to find Rock had filled the vehicle with 3 hundredweight of common desert rock. Charming.

Hashmas is coming

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