Saturday, 10 November 2007


It just keeps getting better.

A quick quote for now. Thanks - recollections, comments.. still to come, later.

"Fantastic Camp! The Epitome of runs! A Vanity of a Bonfire! A desperate collection of Guys! Simply Sumptuous and Never ending Banquet! Weather to kill for and location to die for! Company to live for! Music Quiz to, errrrr, wade for! Staryy skies to gaze all night to! A most Intimate of Survivor runs! The slappest up of breakfasts. Oh Me Oh My! On and On and On and ON ON!"

Thanks to everyone who came. I say this with tears in my eyes.
Particular thanks to the Coanch for the Foot tapping (was that some kind of Glaswegian courtship display ?) Quiz, the cooking and the cocktails.
To Klipe for getting the site, the gear and the bonfire..that spectacular bonfire.. sorted out.
To Pippin for all her usual many tasks without which little would happen or work.
To Sideshow, Rock and Funky for surviving and tidying everything up so sweetly.
To everyone who brought the fantastic food.
And to everyone again.

toffee apples, guys,


this doesn't do the spread justice at all

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