Sunday, 8 July 2007


We warmly welcomed Alan, as Fast as his brother Ed, and Rowdy, back for a Sunday (yes, Sunday) run. We thanked FireCracker and the Coach for a superbly marked run, just the right length. We thanked Pippin and the Kennaways for a fantastic Bash on Friday. Rumours that Morange and a dog had been found at the bootom of the pool next morning were quashed. We sadly missed Zared, her speech, down down and farewell bucket as her packers had let her down -we thought we saw them driving lost round the desert several times Rosa. Anyway, all the best, enjoy Spain, we're sure you will. Nice to see Gus for 2 in a row, unfortunately, despite the more conservative shorts, it was 2 buckets in a row....Glaiket thought he needed another for going on leave (with her) this week. Otherwise. The rock had too many rocks, Potter was detrumpeted and we hope SeaWeed persuaded Pippin to make next week's hash a bit special.

And sweetly became the night. Good old days. On On.

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