Sunday, 8 July 2007


Potter's Holiday Homework Assignment to write the report of the run.....

The Rock reports on the evening:
At Pippin's there was a big rectangle pool in the garden, full of water and wild children splashing their parents. The parents poured cold water on them (Morange). And they had too many beers (some of them), they sat outside and had a talk that got noisy. They went inside and had Pip's delicious spread. We think they were hungry! But they saved some for us. There was a bump which we won't mention. We played Cluedo and dripped on the floor. The parents got noisier. Then the raffle. Bubbley had hand painted 1000s of tickets and sold about 10. After the first 145 numbers we got our first winner! Coach is ready for a fruit punch, Rob will have to start cooking, Glaiket didn't say no to loadsa booze.

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