Saturday, 23 June 2007

1036 Zared's Retirement Bash

A fantastic turn-out. For an irregular Hash, a live hash, a hot day hash, a weekend hash, an after the night before, before the night to vcome kind of hash. Mad dogs and hashers? So, Super to have Adam back...all the way from Oz (via RLIC). Great too to see the Friday hashers, Pegasus and Rowdy.

Pipin kindly took us miles away to a multi-directional scenic location, just perfect for those live hares keen to run and run, falsely or not. Still, we should have been aware what we would be letting ourselves in for!

Josh's toast was first class, Rowdy lived up to his name, at length with the comments and Rocky got to spy for the first time in a year. Not many escaped.

And so onto R Z's for the evening.

To be continued..... Where the night was easy and relaxed. The food wonderful. Crosby Stills Nash and Young waved through the tropical air. Of course, Rosa danced. Hashers arrived from the woodwork. Darren played organ. So it seemed. Rosa danced. All we all went happy and sweetly to bed.

Thanks Senoritas A Red.

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