Saturday, 9 June 2007

1033 - Pickle, Bum and a Coached BBQ

Was it Friday, was it the smell of Coach's cooking.......whatever the appeal it was wonderful to see Pegasus and Noisy (now Rowdy) John back with us again and we welcomed Clive, Zared and Mo back tooand a good turn out despite the heat.
The run was well marked, devious, flat, doubling back and through prickly bushes and soft sand. A good run - for Mo at least - and manageable too for the rest of us.
The ever fitter Andie got an old nickname back - having come of age (21) recently we christened her Pickle, narrowly preferred to Randy with Fakhir too difficult for most to pronounce. Anther baptism for Annie's foster mum, Kate, who was resoundingly called Bummer and wished she'd never opened her mouth last week.
Newly baptised Bummer got her revenge on Bubbles for the suggestion, revenge on Zared for an earlier bucket and revenge on Clive for something. How the Coach escaped we don't know.

And then

It was on to Firecracker's and Coach's for delicious burgers and a wonderful, happy, relaxed late Hashers night. The music got louder despite Coach turning it down becuase of the neighbours (it was the neighbours kept turning it up). Methusela led us in jive. The girls P and B did their down downs. Rob kept getting down to do press-ups.
A fantastic night. Thanks to all especially Coach and Cracker.


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nif said...

Thanks Coach and Firecracker!