Monday, 28 December 2009

1185 The run before Santa comes

Meths and Pegasus set us a seasonal merry run in the desert. It was going to be set in x-mas colours but since Marmars is closed we're limited to the paint we can get.So it was back to good old red. 3 trails and a few falsies thrown in for good measure. With the teachers being on their jollies the numbers were a wee bit down on what we're used to. However the trails were enjoyed by the runners and walkers as well. First in was Fat Boy slim who gave the first in toast. Comments were given by Hot to trot who was kind to the Hares. Then the dreaded spy stepped forward and it was Meths. He proceeded to bucket Dorothy for the bicycle shorts and HTT for departing on his hols later in the week and Mark Roberts for the hell of it. On On and a Merry x-mas to all the hashers and ex-hashers who read the blog.

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