Thursday, 4 June 2009

The Long and Winding trail that leads to your.....

Glenmorangie is world famous for it's smoothness,being the colour of gold and havind a pleasing after taste. This does not describe this hash or our Morangie. Our Morangie told porkie pies in telling us his 3 trails were shorter than last weeks Canton clans effort. Trail 1 was a long and winding trek through soft sand along pipelines and ending up miles away on the beach. It had the runners puffing and panting and the walkers muttering. Trails 2 & 3 were even longer and the walkers who attempted trail 1 only were at least 30 minutes back at the cars before the first of the runners could be seen as a wee dot away in the distance. Jaws and Gump were in the race to be first in and it was Jaws who overcame the desert sand and heat to have the honour of giving the "First In" toast. He was that knackered that he gave the speech while leaning on a 4 by 4 which was a bucketable offence. This was not missed by Rocky the " Spy ". He also bucketed Gump for racing, Morangie for telling fibs and for the long trails, GPS and Hash ash for non compliance of "World Non Smoking day", Mr Comet for handing the bugle over to a" non compusmentos" Hasher on the camp, Hot to trot for being the "Non compus" Hasher and Rob the Rigger for having the audacity to go on leave. With no football to go home to the hashers stayed long into the evening until the quench was no more and the sun had set. On on until next week.

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