Sunday, 12 April 2009

1144: Windy Easter Live Hash

I was supposed to set the hash this week but for some reason I failed to access the correct sector of the hard disk in my head and forgot. So the Easter Sunday hash run was a live hash.

19 humans + 1 dog braved the elements, each taking a slip of paper and performing their respective roles. There were four trails and 3 false trails before Ceweed called the ON-IN. Cluseau was pipped to the post by young Son Of Rock. Comments were made by GPS and the spy was Cluseau. He passed up a completely legitimate reason to bucket me and decided to keep all of the water for coach for abuse of power.

Easter eggs were distributed to the kids and we all had a beverage and a blether.

Just as well we were given the option to have a short-ish run as there was a howling gale and it was threatening to rain. It looked for a moment that we would get horizontal rain and make me homesick for Shetland but it held off until we were on our way home.

Hash ball tickets to be distributed next week. Final call for hashers to sign up to the ball before it is opened up to non hashers will be next Sunday.

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