Sunday, 24 February 2008


what a l.o.v.e.l.y run!

In a generous canyon beside the sea. Soft firm flat running ground. And Undulating. Dots of blue. Hashers in all colours.
Lovely to welcome Frank and Rhea.
Thanks to Meths for the run and the spy for his klipe being worse than his bucket.

Hash Camp venue to be announced soon. You may want to make a Thursday of it (the rest of us will join on Friday 21st). It will be bring a dish. All entertainment ideas/offers welcomed.

On On!

Monday, 18 February 2008


It just keeps getting better!

Klueless Kluesseau didn't let us down, despite what 'glad' Darren would have.
Plenty of soft sand to keep us firm - Bummer, BUMMER! where were you!?!

But there were lots of us!

Absolutely delighted to welcome the intrepid three: Anna, Peter and Bo (Beau?) here for a few months on a probably forlorn hope of finding signs of human activity in the area! And simply delightful too to welcome Rick and Joan along with the Fowler clan.
Great to see so many regulars (in all your irregularities) back in such happy numbers. Of course I got the bucket for deciding to get the run done before dark and not mentioning you all by name. Why do I ever ask Coach to be Spy?

It's always fantastic, but this time of year (along with autumn) really is the best, and the circle stayed beside the coast way into the misty evening fog until the cupboard was bare and we wended our wistful happy ways home.

x x x x

Sunday, 10 February 2008


Half term already. The sun has come out. We were by the beach. Ahhhhhhhh. Sunday Lovely Sundays.
We warmly welcomed Liz after all these years, Judy's Steve and the Clarke's Mary, Ellen and Andy. Absolutey great of you to join us zigzagging brainlessly but hornily round the coastal desert.
Good to see lots of others back too. Like Pegasus and Klipe to mention just a couple.
Young Sean took us up down as only a young man would or could have done or thought to have done. Most muttered on route that he deserved bucketing for it. You wouldn't have it any other way would you Sean.
Danny was officially named a regular Dukhasher (?), there were some votes for GymSlip, fewer for Fadger the gadger and Brawniac, but resoundingly and appropriately, it's Jaws from now on.
Erik stood in essentially as Quench and very satisfactorily as Spy at short notice, hitting all the deserved miscreants. imo.
Bubbly cooked up a mean chilli beanie. A good sign when everyone goes back for seconds.
And, on that happy note, without mentioning the ridiculous dogs! Poot Poot. On On

Sunday, 3 February 2008


Twere cold and the slithy toths (erique et wee de la mere) did gire an gimble in the wade, all mimsy were the hashergromthns and the outfests ingrabe.
Fe Fi Fo Fum My Revenge were Yum Yum!
On On!