Monday, 18 February 2008


It just keeps getting better!

Klueless Kluesseau didn't let us down, despite what 'glad' Darren would have.
Plenty of soft sand to keep us firm - Bummer, BUMMER! where were you!?!

But there were lots of us!

Absolutely delighted to welcome the intrepid three: Anna, Peter and Bo (Beau?) here for a few months on a probably forlorn hope of finding signs of human activity in the area! And simply delightful too to welcome Rick and Joan along with the Fowler clan.
Great to see so many regulars (in all your irregularities) back in such happy numbers. Of course I got the bucket for deciding to get the run done before dark and not mentioning you all by name. Why do I ever ask Coach to be Spy?

It's always fantastic, but this time of year (along with autumn) really is the best, and the circle stayed beside the coast way into the misty evening fog until the cupboard was bare and we wended our wistful happy ways home.

x x x x

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