Sunday, 3 August 2008

1105: High Speed Hairwash

Veteren Hare Ceweed set three twisty turny trails and a couple of falsies at a nice spot inland of Khatiyah Main. Most people knew that he would not put the ON-IN far away from the end of the third but one fool and his dog slid down the side of a scree slope and went up a high jebel in search of the finish.

Fast Eddie's son Declan and his freind Stuart made an appearance. I think they quite enjoyed running around the desert without being shot at for a change.

Cluseau carried on the tradition of giving a vengance based bucketing to Myself, Coach and Methuselah. Pegasus nearly escaped by running away but did not count on the spy being quicker, even with a bucket of water in hand.

A lovely medium spiced vegetarian beany was provided by Pegasus and Methuselah which was appreciated by human hashers and those from the animal kingdom alike.



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M said...

Hi there. Good to hear of your exploits while we toil away here on the beaches of Thailand.
As you mention the animal kingdom you'll be pleased to know that Bubbly has not (yet) encountered a Tiger in the Cha Am Hash Jungle this year, but did have trouble with sharks and baboons in Pattaya.
Love from Rx, Bob, The Rock, Funky and Bubbles.