Friday, 19 October 2007

1056 Survivor

HHH. Historic, HotnHumid, Hungover.
Lo, as at 7 am we decided to get the Live RUn over and done, up screeches Methusela to join in. The two D's (Dave and Danny) didn't understand (or sympathise with) the moans of the rest and took us away and further away. Eventually, Pippin got to deservedly bucket the young stopupallnight and keepeveryoneawake gang.

The history, that small bunch of survivors are the names inscribed in the first column first page of the new Hash Book (taking over from the first one started in 1981).

Breakfast was gooooooooood. Full English.

Final thanks to all who stayed and cleaned up. Especially Klipe who checked back after everyong had left at 10am. I'm proud that the site was left spotless and drew the comment "If only all people used the beaches like the Hashers"

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