Tuesday, 26 May 2009


Hello Hashers, just to let you know the trumpet has been returned to it's rightful owners after it's little trip to the QH3 in Doha. Tent packer helpfully picked it up while investigating the camp site and called In & Out to negotiate it's safe return in exchange for a case of beer.

Sunday, 24 May 2009


The few hashers who had not perished from sun stroke and dehydration on the camp at the weekend appeared in the golf club car park on Sunday afternoon. The Canton clan led us out the North gate to find their hash. There were several doubts about whether GPS would find the trail due to past experience but he led us straight to a circle with some red dots visible just on the edge. Unfortunately those red dots were not the trail we were to follow but some of Coach's from run 1146. Microphone led us off to a false start before we were called back to the real trail. It was a nice sandy course along pipelines, up hills and along pipelines before Rob the Rigger found the ON-IN.

In and Out was given the honour of being the spy before heading out again and duly bucketed his colleague Rob as well as Pastman Pat and Cluseau.

On On until next week.


Friday, 22 May 2009

1151: Survivor Run

We were rudely awoken at around 6am as it was getting a bit warm. Microphone took the role of hashmaster and led us on a live hash. We had three fairly short trails and a short on-in. That's all I can really remember. If anybody wants to fill in the gaps then leave a comment please. Instructions on how to do that will follow in an email shortly.

On On!


Thursday, 21 May 2009

1150: Zikreet Hash Camp 2.0

After a bit of a false start with the trail setting involving communication problems, a bit of excavation using a Nissan X-Terra and a large loading shovel and some slings VC headed out to the desert with Klipe and a load of wood to set our hash camp trail. While Klipe wass arranging to remove the wood lorry from another sand trap, VC set a nice medium length trail across some hard packed ground, some very soft sand and a few jebels ending in a run down a nice slope and into the camp. Methuselah was the first in and reeled off the words as I am sure he has done dozens of times before. The spy was Rigger Rob who left me to recount the tale of the hash that never was before getting bucketed with some medium cold water for knocking over the very cold water I had provided.

Cluseau took the reigns of the barbecue, cooking up some chickens and whatever people provided. The blokes easily defeated the girls in quizmaster coach's hash quiz. We all had probably far too many refreshments and a bit of a sing-song by the fire before retiring to sleep in boiling tents.

On On!


Sunday, 17 May 2009

1149: Klipe's textbook hash

Klipe asked us all to come 15 minutes earlier to the golf club as he was taking us on a long journey to a seldom used hash site down towards Saudi. Once everybody had arrived we headed off out the main gate and on to the motorway. We passed Fahahil Main and kept on going, turning off down towards the sea to a spot next to a manifold.

VC did his introductions and welcome backs and passed the trumpet on to Klipe. The first trail was a nice long sprint down the road which got the runners safely out of the way and heading in completely the wrong direction at the end of the trail. Their enthusiasm led them off into the sandy hills nearer towards the sea where they would find no trails. The second trail was found by one of the walkers and doubled back almost parallel to the first leaving some of the runners with about a five minute run before they hit the soft sandy trail. The third trail was thankfully shorter than the first two and over some nicer terrain. Dr. Justice found the On-In but decided to wait before calling it so some of the slower lot could catch up. Pegasus forced his hand and called it for him, prompting Gregory and him to race towards the finish. First in was Gregory who gloated quite a bit before struggling a bit with the toast.

Comments were given by Penelope Pissed Up and VC. There was much ribbing of VC for his antics on Thursday night and then we were on to the spy. Postman Pat bucketed In & Out, Byron, Rigger Rob, Gump and Jaws for overtaking and misunderstandings.

On On until the camp on Thursday.


Thursday, 14 May 2009

QWCHHH Hash Ball 2009

The long awaited and intensely planned QWCHHH ball went amazingly smoothly with everybody having a great time by all reports.

The extended Haggerty clan used their Scottish night experience to organise the venue, the food, the drink and the barmen. Vomit Comet, Miss Grace and Hot to Trot lent a hand where they could with VC acting as MC until he fell in a heap and had to be escorted home. The winner of the drinking hash game goes to Bubbles who I think went round the course for both herself and Rocky.

Good food, great company and lots of refreshments.

Do we really have to wait another year to do it again.

On On!


Sunday, 10 May 2009

1148: Fran's seaside stroll

It was over past the desalination again for the hash this week. Fran Morgan and the twins set a lovely hash in blue which wove along pipelines, around trees and through the remains of an old Occidental camp site. There was a good range of terrain between soft sand and rocks. One of the twins led us all off trail before blaming it on his mum. The on-in was painted on the back of an abandoned boat with a long on-in along the shore. Well set Fran and kids, we will look forward to your next hash.

First in was Penelope Pissed Up. Good cop comments came from Tony and bad cop comments came from Rocky.

Neil Scott was named Beam Me Up.

Spy was Methuselah who bucketed myself, Dr. Justice, Postman Pat and Vomit Comet.

On On the hares, the commenters and the spy.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

1147: Jasmine in my mind

As predicted by HM Vomit Comit before the run we were treated to another seaside hash by Ceweed. The salt water running through his veins told him that there would be a nice cooling breeze blowing along the West coast of Zikreet bay on Sunday so he set it just North of the Army training base.

There was another arithmetical challenge for us too. 3 true trails, some falsies and a total of 12 dots at the end of them. The trails were of a medium length over fairly uninspiring terrain and ground that proved a bit difficult for our more senior hasher's ankles. The hare was forced to mark a new ON-IN in the sand as nobody was going anywhere near the real one. We all made it back alive and well with Cluseau in the lead.

The following hashers were named.

Tabitha - Hee Haw
Lynne Scott - Quine
Rhea Scott - Hasher Montana
Lana Scott - Lana Banana

The spy for the week revealed themself as Klipe. He trawled his long memory and found an excuse to bucket Vomit Comet, Jaws, Ceweed. Pestasaurus and Legolas got a special drenching for refusing to enter the circle at the beginning.

Loads of t-shirts and stubby holders were sold and we are down to the last few of some stubby holder colours. Get them while you can.

Only a week and a half until the Hash ball.

On On

Hot To Trot (Soon to be re-named)