Monday, 24 September 2007


As you'd've noticed were you there, Rocky is a bit sidetracked right now.

Sideshow, Kelsey and the Rock claimed they'd write reports....don't hold your breath.

On On!

Monday, 17 September 2007

1050::&::COACH'S 500th

today's pictures courtesy of long John

a big one this time. Great to see such a turn out! Well into the thirties - it must be a long time since we've has such numbers without providing food or mulled wine or such!
Last week we were thrilled to welcome Lorraine and John. This week we were delighted to welcome Roger & Bev, Dave G, Dave F and Jeanette.

Klipe had set the run in one of my favourite bits of the coast, and althoug it pains me to admit it, seemed to get it just right: good running ground, long gaps between the trails, clearly marked, some deviousness, kept us all together at the same time the runners could run and the others didn't have to.

Potter struck out for the youth again, (and as usual got a deserved bucket again too). Danny spied with a keen eye for the rules and etiquette. He needs a name by the way the more apposite and unflattering the better!

Really it was the Coach's day. Coach is a real stalwart of the Dukhan Hash, indeed a defining character. A distinctive and well-loved Hash Master and caretaker of the horn, Designer of many a tee shirt, Hash Camp entertainer and quizmaster extraordinaire, often Mr Burgers and Steak, uncountable recipient and administerer of the bucket, and currently our essential 'Quench', to name but a few of his contribuitions. Congratulations on an incredible 500 runs of the Qatar West Coast Hash House Harriers. and On On!

Next Week, Bubbles is doing food, that's normally worth the entrance fee alone!
and Camp week of 16th Oct. Look for a tent and a torch.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

1049 continued


if a picture is worth a thousand words, here's two:

On On

Tuesday, 4 September 2007


Ahhhh Good to be back as I almost collapse from dizzy dehydration on standing up from the bucket.

Great to welcome some new faces... Jude, Jess and Effie.

It's been a long hot and humid summer (so they say), we were down to four, so well done to those hardy souls (just enough..a horn, a hare, a spy and a runner). And welcome back everyone else.

Klipe chose a wonderful location, got us to realise that it's not so bad to be back after all. He suggested it was short and easy....we should have made him run it all!

Coach didn't need to say anything, he might as well just have told Clousseau Eddie Morange and Rocky to get in the middle as usual.

We celebrated a Happy Birthday Down Down for the Fast One coming of age this week, well done.

A couple of other hashes to mention:
Happy 2007th to the Qatar Hash this week on Friday, hopefully one or two of us might make it down to join your celebrations, thanks for the invite.

Personally, many thanks to Ballbanger and the Hua Hin Hash for their hospitality, fun and jungle runs - much appreciated...and Happy 2nd anniversary to the Cha Am Hash too.

Have fun. On On